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Custom Storage & Closets in Tampa, Florida

Designs in Wood, Inc. in Tampa, Florida, specializes in custom storage and closets for all of your needs. From cabinetry to full garage installations, lets us build your dream storage solutions from the ground up.

Custom Cabinets
Our specialty work includes custom cabinets and closet spaces. We build the cabinets to project-specific dimensions, standards, and specifications, ensuring a perfect fit in your space, and room for all of your things.

Custom Closets
Our unique custom closets reflect your personal desires and personality, while meeting your storage needs and helping you to avoid the mess that most closets become after days or weeks of use.

Cabinets, Custom Storage in Tampa, FL

Storage Solutions
We offer custom storage solutions for almost any area of the home or office. Our designers use the latest computer tools to create accurate, quality cabinetry. Our designs look great, and are fitted properly to the available space, ensuring a great fit and beautiful look. Using 3D rendering technology, we can even show you what your finished storage solution will look like, before it's manufactured and installed.

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